Decalogue of environmental commitment

Our environmental policy is based on the "CRADLE TO CRADLE" movement, aimed to adapt our production so that the materials we use are not only biodegradable and harmless, but can also be integrated into a new life cycle and actively contribute to the improvement of the world we live in.

1.We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment to the minimum and to maintaining an active and effective search for packaging that weighs less, without losing functionality and thermodynamic characteristics, replacing traditional materials with others more alternative and ecological available on the market.

2.We are committed to realigning our procurement policy to suppliers who are aligned with us in the way they manage environmental constraints.

3. We are committed to recycling plastic and cardboard, two essential materials in the production of our packaging.

4. We are committed to focusing our solutions with maximum efficiency in terms of sustainability, management and carbon footprint.

a) Sustainability. Means satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

b) Management. It emphasises the implementation and involves the administration of our natural resources to ensure their survival for present and future generations.

c) Carbon footprint. The total amount of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, released during the life cycle of a product or service.

5. We are committed to continue investing in R&D&I for the development of new materials, products and technologies which contribute to reduce energy use, carbon footprint and promote recycling through the use of recycled content or use of renewable resources.

6. We commit ourselves to produce while minimising environmental waste and costs.

7. We are committed to the multi-use of pallets for product stacking and we encourage our suppliers to join our chain of commitment.

8. We are committed to increasing energy efficiency to save and reduce the environmental impact. CRONO GROUP is focused on reducing energy consumption in the group's restaurants and shops.

9. We commit ourselves, due to the diversity of market supply, to allocate human and financial resources for the adequate and fair measurement of energy expenditure.

10. We are committed to using thermoplastics, the world's best-selling product with an annual demand of approximately 40 million tonnes.