Who are we?

A small human team that is committed to a well-done job. For more than 20 years, at the base of the Extremaduran mountain range and in the midst of our own agricultural production, our facilities have been raised. Every day we elaborate our 4th and 5th range products; the old-fashioned way, with love and our traditional know-how, which gathers, cares for and preserves the flavours and smells of yesteryear and of today.
To all this affection, we add to the experience acquired in our own establishments and restaurants, the food safety provided and accredited by internal and external laboratories, and the traceability of the best raw materials. With cutting-edge technology, we can offer you the best in the best way.

Our reason for being is you

We give you the optimum service, the best price and the best quality; so you can have peace of mind, organise your kitchen, control your expenses and offer great products with all the guarantees.

Our formats

Specially designed for the hospitality industry of fifth range food. They give you the possibility, at the best possible price, to offer your customers a wide range of recipes. Prepared with first class raw materials, with clear costs, very agile service, no wastage, stock control and without staff increases.